Remote working has become par for the course in many industries around the world. For businesses, the remote model offers numerous advantages, including cost-efficiency thanks to reduced resources. For employees, the idea of working from home holds plenty of appeal. We know that co-working increases happiness and well-being, but what about remote working in itself?


Remote Working and Well-Being


When lockdown first began, many employees embraced the idea of working from home. For many who had been in traditional office environments, the concept seemed like a dream come true. Over time, however, as the reality of remote working kicks in, many are starting to struggle to find that crucial work-life balance. Some of the biggest mental health challenges for those working remotely include an increase in pressure, feelings of isolation, struggles with productivity, longer work hours and various other issues that affect well-being.


With that said, remote work also offers many positive benefits for many people. The conventional office model is not for everyone. Many people find it constricting and stressful to be stuck in an office for 8 hours at a time. The restrictive structure of offices results in lunch breaks and other breaks being closely monitored. Some offices have a very strict limit on break length, with a few reducing breaks to as little time as 30 minutes. Being cooped up all day without the freedom to set flexible hours can be stressful.


Ultimately, it comes down to balance. One of the most effective ways to get all the benefits offered by working remotely is to consider co-working. This model enhances well-being on a far greater scale compared to working from home. The wellness challenges faced by those who are making a sudden leap from office to working alone are no longer an issue. Instead, there is a chance to work in a space that allows you to connect with like-minded people, get productive, socialise, make your own schedule, enjoy breaks without watching the clock, and get all the positive benefits of working around other people. 

Co.Unity offers a thriving shared workspace in the heart of Hermanus – one of South Africa’s top Zoom Towns. With a cafe, private offices, day passes, boardroom for hire, fast WiFi, and other services, you can always ensure a better sense of well-being with remote working.

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