In addition to giving you a simpler way to work remotely, remote co-working spaces can also greatly increase productivity and happiness. Human beings are social, and whilst the past few months have allowed us to work from home, communicating through various video meeting applications like Zoom and Teams, many of us are starting to realise just how much we miss real human interaction like actually sitting and communicating physically with other people. One of the benefits remote co-working offers is the flexibility to be able to choose our own work hours. It also gives us the ability to get away from having to be in an office from 9-5. Working becomes about getting things done, and not about physically sitting in a place to prove that you have shown up. This has produced a happier, and in most cases, a more productive workforce.   

The Benefits of Co-Working Spaces   

Some of the ways that remote co-working spaces increase productivity and work satisfaction include the following:

Collaborating is valuable

When you are in a shared co-workspace you will have your peers close by if you need to ask a question, or maybe want an opinion on a project. Co-working spaces will often have a  variety of different skills – all based in close proximity. Some of our co-unity members are involved in law if you required any legal advice, while others specialise in financial services, digital marketing, web design, accounting services, and business consulting, so anything you need to support your business is all in one place. We have also seen businesses grow through collaboration between the different members and businesses. It is just easier to start up a conversation with people you become familiar with, and once relationships are formed, business begins and ideas begin to flourish.    

Stay motivated and accountable

Sitting at home certainly has lots of potential distractions. There is always a flower garden to be tended to or a catch up on Netflix that needs to be watched. Because you generally don’t have anyone watching over you, like a manager, or peers to motivate you, you can easily fall into the habit of being busy, but necessarily getting things done. In co-working spaces, you generally pay for the space that you are using, so the motivation comes about by knowing you are going to be in space that you have paid for, and for a specific time, and during that time, you can plan to get things done. This is the best way of getting an ROI on your spend. With other people sitting around you, being productive, by the very nature of being in such an environment, their vibes rub off on you and you want to do more of the important things.

Business services without the risk

Co-working spaces are geared towards offering business services, and most spaces will offer reliable fibre WiFi, some form of printing services, furniture and cleaning services. You simply arrive, logon and off you go. The beauty is that you only pay for when you use the space – there are no long term contracts, the owners of the space take care of everything else, and you are basically buying a service. Boardrooms and private offices are also found in most co-working spaces and these are usually hired out as additional extras.

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