What Are Shared Workspaces and Why do You Need One?

The concept of shared workspaces is to give people and members of the shared space a place where they can meet, collaborate and share ideas. The intention (or at least the hope), is that at some point, this sharing will inspire new businesses and inspire people to grow their existing businesses. It may also just lift up someone when they are feeling unmotivated and just in need of some assurance.

Why I Bet on Hermanus and Shared Workspaces

Often I am asked why I started a business – especially a shared workspace business that is geared towards bringing people together and collaborating, given the COVID philosophy of social distancing and keeping people apart. I am also often asked why I would start a shared working space in a small town like Hermanus.

What’s the Benefit of a Workcation for You and The Tourism Industry?

The word workcation has been around for some time, however, it has become far more prominent in the past few months, with people realising that work is not where you are but rather what you do wherever you are. It would probably be good to start this blog by defining what a workcation is vs. what digital nomads are about.

Freelancer Visas, Digital Nomads and Skills Needed to Work From Anywhere

The number of countries offering freelancer visas is growing, as more countries look at attracting digital nomads, to work and stay longer in their country. This strategy has, in part, been driven by a decline in tourism. The theory is to get individuals to rent housing and spend money locally, without jeopardising local employment because digital nomads derive revenue globally.

Are Coffee Shops the Answer to Remote Working?

Are coffee shops the answer for remote working and how do they compare to shared workspaces? As the owner of such a space, I am often asked whether there is an advantage to using a shared workspace as opposed to working in a coffee shop. Or, more directly, why I would pay to use a co-working space when sitting in a coffee shop is often free.

Is Co-Working the Solution to Grow Our Local Economy?

Although co-working is not a new concept, the global pandemic has certainly increased the need for re-thinking the way that people do business. We have already seen the impact of COVID-19 on our local economy and we will continue to see our economy affected, at least in the short term.

Co.Unity’s Craig Austin on Caledon FM – The Rise of Digital Nomads

Co.Unity founder Craig Austin was recently featured on Caledon FM’s Future Perfect show to discuss the rise of digital nomads, the need for co-working spaces and the benefits of working where you live.

Remote working in Hermanus, for an awesome lifestyle

Whether you are a digital nomad, remote worker, entrepreneur or self-starter, come and work in Hermanus. You will love it!

Most of our blogs have been focused around creating a vibrant hub, where you can share ideas and meet likeminded people. This could be done by joining our Connect Co.Unity digital community or after the lockdown, this would be in our physical hub, the Co.Unity Space

Work Where You Live, Not Live Because of Where You Work

If you would like to have the ability to work from where you live, remote work is the ideal solution. 

Traditionally, we have lived somewhere as it is where we work because you would have to be in an office, usually at a specific time, attending meetings, and simply to get work done. The idea behind this working model is that if you are not seen, it might be believed that you are not working.

Vibrant Energy, in a Safe Working Environment

It’s been a pretty interesting 21 days since South Africa has been in lockdown, and the phrases ‘social distancing’, ‘remote working’ and ‘work from home’ are the new buzz words. I find all of these phrases very interesting as they promote separating us from personal social interaction. Don’t get me wrong – we as South Africans have absolutely done the correct thing to ensure the virus is contained. My concern is that many publications and viewpoints are telling us  that this “Work from Home” working will be the new way of life well into the future.

About Co.Unity

Our vision and purpose is to provide the Hermanus business community, with a hub, where ideas are brought to life, and businesses can grow and thrive, bringing revenue into our local community.

Because we are not always able to collaborate and share our ideas in a physical space, our members can continue to grow their businesses and share ideas through our Connect Co.Unity platform.

Co.Unity Space offers a vibrant, hygienic and a safe hub for our members to meet up, enjoy excellent office facilities with all modern amenities. 

“Come home to your Office” and be a part of our thriving community. Our co-working spaces offer so much more than working from home which can be lonely or in a coffee shop which has lots of distractions. Our spaces offer temperature-controlled environments, Always on Electricity, full cleaning services, Super-Fast Wi-Fi with the energy of other like-minded people.

Our space is offered through various membership options, but whichever way you look at it, you only pay for the time you need to use the space, so if you’re looking for an office space, without the setup hassles, come and visit us.

Our Services:

  • Pay for Use workspace 
  • Shared Desk or Private Office
  • Uncapped Fast Wi-Fi
  • Generator Power
  • Boardroom Facilities
  • Events 
  • Front Desk Services and Call Answering
  • Airport Transfers and Taxi Services
  • Undercover and Onsite Parking
  • Co.Unity Membership
  • Access to Co.Unity Café 
  • Virtual Office Services for members

Looking for your favourite hot drink, or maybe you would prefer a smoothie, or a tasty treat to fill the gap. The Co.Unity Café is all about providing the convenience of an On-The-Go Café, in a welcoming modern industrial space. Everyone is invited, the café serves the public, it is also an integral part of the Co.Unity Spaces.   

We offer café style food and many different hot and cold drinks-all sourced and supplied from our local community.

Co-Unity Cafe

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Undercover Parking R 750.00 per month
Evening Events Request a Quote
Virtual Receptionist R 250.00 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Co.Unity?

We are a “Shared Workspace” offering a combination of hot desks and Private offices, where you can come to work and collaborate with other likeminded people

What products do we offer?
  • Daily Pass-ideal for someone who just needs to use some super fast wi-fi, and wants to feel the vibe of our workspace just for a single day. Includes access to Wi-Fi, A desk in the Shared workspace, Back-Up power during Load-shedding
  • Flexi 5 Day Pass-looking to use our space more frequently, you get access to our space any 5 days during a 30 day period. Includes Wi-Fi, A desk in the shared workspace, Back Up power during Load-shedding
  • 30 Day Unlimited Access-get unlimited access into our Shared Workspace for a 30 day period. Includes Wi-Fi, A desk in the shared workspace, Back Up power during load-shedding
  • Boardroom-we have an 8-10 seater boardroom, which we hire out on a hourly basis, it includes a large screen for presentations, or you can use the facility for smaller ad hoc meetings
  • Lock up Offices-we have a variety of lock-up offices available; these can be leased on a 3 monthly basis, no deposit, no risk, all furniture a landline phone included, with an Office Assistant.
How do I book and pay?
  • On our website, choose [BOOK]
  • You view the product of your choice, and then select the dates or date you would like to book for
  • Complete the booking form, you will be taken to the PayFast payment Gateway, and complete the booking
  • Once payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation of your booking via e-mail
How do I become a member?
  • On the Co.Unity page, you will go to [Membership] and then choose [Option] and then you would complete the registration form, takes about 2 minutes-this is a once off task
  • A form is submitted to us, and you will get an e-mail giving you your Co.Unity membership number, you can then go-ahead and book your space
  • On your 1st visit you will receive a Co.Unity Membership card, and this you will use to:
    • Enter the building in the future (Access Control)
    • Use to release prints and make copies at the printer in the building
    • Redeem vouchers and you can top up to make purchases at the Co.Unity Café
What time are we open?
  • Weekdays from 7:00am-5:30pm (Mon-Fri)
What is the Co.Unity Café?
  • This is “Grab and Go” Modern Industrial style Café, with a qualified and experienced barista to offer our customers an exceptional coffee experience
  • Smoothies, Cooldrinks and street style food is also available
  • The Co.Unity Café serves the public and the Co.Unity members, with members having access to the Café from the Co.Unity Space using the Co.Unity membership card
Should I book my space in advance?
  • We would suggest you do this to guarantee you get a spot
  • We have made provisions for walk ins, but pre-booked customers will get preference

Enquire About The Hermanus Workcation

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