Finding the right hybrid work destination is essential for digital nomads.

We are so privileged and excited to have had our town and our shared workspaces mentioned in an article in the Getaway magazine. Hermanus and Co.Unity were both included in the 5 Best Towns in South Africa for Digital Nomads article published on 10 June 2021. 

It is no secret that for some time, we at Co.Unity have believed that one of the keys to growing local economies in smaller towns, is changing the way these towns are marketed and sold to South Africans. This is especially true while travel from abroad is still restricted. 

Marketing the beauty and lifestyles of smaller towns, combined with the benefits of co-working will appeal to the digital nomad traveller. These travellers look at staying in a location for a longer period of time, as long as they can get their work done. Most of the time, this work would be online, so fast WiFi and a professional office type environment is required.    

What Makes Hermanus the Ideal Location for Digital Nomads?

In this blog, I would like to concentrate on what makes Hermanus a really good place for digital nomads. These are my top 5 reasons: 

1.  Mountains and Nature Reserves:

The town is surrounded by mountains and nature reserves, and they are very safe for trail running, hiking, and in some cases, mountain biking. There are not many places in the world where you can be in mountains, and still hear the waves crashing. The trails are generally well-kept and maintained. No matter what the activity, the areas surrounding Hermanus cater from the complete novice all the way to competitive athletes. If sporting activities are not high on your priority list, then there are also picnic spots, which are a great way to get into nature with family and friends. The famous Cliff Path walk is ideal for strolling along and checking out the whales or just sitting and contemplating life on one of the many benches scattered along the cliffs.

2.  Easily Accessible CBD:

You can literally walk around the entire town in a single morning. The CBD is full of art galleries, coffee shops, restaurants, and boutique stores. There are even events planned around walking through the town, like the monthly Friday evening Art Walk. These events encourage people to get into the streets, socialise and check out some awesome art in the galleries around town. There are plenty of places to stay in nearby neighbourhoods and in town – some offer really good specials for longer-term stays.

3.  Hemel en Aarde Valley and Wine Farms:  

This beautiful valley runs from Hermanus to Caledon. It is littered with some very famous wine estates. Most offer restaurants on the wine estate, along with wine tasting and activities, like mountain biking, fishing, and hiking. This is an extremely pretty place to spend the day or a weekend – it really talks to people that enjoy spending time outdoors.

4.  Local Community Markets:

Hermanus has some well-established markets in and around town. Usually, these take place on a Saturday morning. Markets are great places to meet up with friends. You can grab a coffee, try many of the food stalls, taste various types of wine and beers, and there are plenty of activities for families. I have just found that these markets are such great places to catch up with everyone and socialise. Nothing beats the vibe of a Saturday morning market. The goods and products sold are often locally produced, and it gives small businesses an opportunity to sell their products without having a huge outlay for retail space rentals. Very often the products you buy at the market can’t be bought elsewhere, which is pretty unique.    

5.  Sea, Beaches and Whales:

Hermanus is known to be the best place to do whale watching from the land. During the whale season between June and December, if you strike it lucky, you can see whales just a couple of meters off the cliff path. If you are a little more adventurous, whale watching can even be done from a kayak. Hermanus has some really awesome swimming beaches. They are clean and at most times of the year easily accessible and not overcrowded like some of the beaches in the larger coastal metropolitan hubs. Lagoons are ideal for kayaking and at certain times of the year, even fishing.       

Co.Unity Workspaces Make Hermanus a Top Digital Nomad Destination

Our goal was to create a space where people can feel like they are in their own office. The objective was always to make this a risk-free decision. We don’t ask for deposits and our members simply sign up online and use our space as and when they need it. This suits the digital nomad lifestyle perfectly. When people are trying to be more flexible, they don’t necessarily know where they will be living in the future. 

Co.Unity is also a great space to meet other people. Uninterrupted power during loadshedding has also become an important factor, so power from our UPS and generator have ensured our members are always powered up.

Interested in experiencing the appeal of the ultimate South African Zoom Town for yourself? Come to Co.Unity to see why Hermanus is the perfect destination for digital nomads in South Africa.

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