Shared workspaces offer many benefits to solopreneurs, small businesses, remote workers and many others. They also offer the ideal place for NGOs to operate at reduced costs. Non-profits have to operate under many constraints, from limited costs to lack of adequate spaces for meetings, work and networking events. Shared workspaces like Co.Unity offer practical solutions that can offer many benefits to non-profit organisations.

Benefits of Shared Workspaces for Non-Profits

Some of the top benefits that shared workspaces offer non-profits include the following:

Cost Efficiency

Shared spaces provide an affordable office solution for non-profits. By sharing resources such as office space, WiFi, and office equipment, these organisations can reduce overhead costs significantly, allowing more funds to be allocated directly to their work rather than being spent on overheads such as rent, furniture and other costs.

Networking and Collaboration

These workspaces also naturally pave the way for networking and collaboration. For non-profits, being in an environment with diverse companies and professionals can lead to partnerships and collaborations that could greatly increase impact and reach. At Co.Unity, you can grab a cup of coffee at our on-site cafe for some informal networking.

Flexibility and Scalability

As non-profits grow or adapt to changing needs, shared spaces offer the flexibility to scale up or down without the burden of long-term leases. This adaptability is essential for non-profits that may have to add or replace volunteer or team members or change project-based work periods for specific campaigns.

Access to Facilities

Spaces like Co.Unity provide essential amenities such as meeting rooms, non-profit event spaces, and a wide range of facilities, from fast WiFi to office amenities. Many of these are often out of reach for non-profits due to cost constraints. These facilities enable effective campaign management and allow teams to have a more professional image.

Increased Visibility

Being located in a bustling environment can increase a non-profit’s visibility among potential volunteers, donors and collaborators. This visibility is often enhanced through the events and interactions that naturally occur in shared workspaces. Local NGOs benefit from being part of communities, which can open up a world of opportunities to find volunteers and gain visibility. In a town like Hermanus, for example, having the chance to connect with locals helps NGOs to meet people, spread awareness and form connections.

Professional Environment

Maintaining a professional workspace is vital for non-profits, especially when meeting donors, volunteers or beneficiaries. Co-working spaces offer a professional setting that can make a positive impression that builds trust.

Convenient Short-Term Access

For volunteers or NGO teams who need a temporary space, Co.Unity offers flexible workspace options such as our on-the-go packages or half-day passes. These short-term solutions are ideal for brief meetings, organising events or simply getting work done efficiently between other tasks, rather than committing to a full day.

Boardroom Facilities

Co.Unity’s boardroom facilities are perfect for hosting volunteer team meetings, planning sessions and planning discussions with donors. These spaces provide a private, professional environment that can help ensure productive and engaging meetings.

To find out more about how shared workspaces help NGOs save resources, contact the Co.Unity team today.


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