There is no doubt about it – remote working is here to stay. As more companies start to see the benefits of this work model, the conventional office model is being replaced by a remote model. Some love the idea of working from home and have embraced remote work completely without any stress. For many, the adjustment from working in an office to working from home can be stressful. Remote working may seem like a dream come true at first but after battling to concentrate, struggling to find a work/home balance and getting distracted by busy toddlers during an important call, it can quickly get tiring. 


Why Remote Working Isn’t Always a Good Fit


Why is remote working not ideal for everyone? More importantly, what can you do to get the benefit of working remotely without having the stress that working from home brings?


You have distractions at home.


One of the biggest challenges faced by those who have begun to work remotely from home is the distraction factor. Although there can be plenty of distractions in an office, these are usually work-related. There is a difference between having a colleague or boss or client popping over to your desk while you’re working and having a dog or baby start making noise while you’re in the middle of a call. It’s also harder to separate work and home, which can make it harder to focus if you’re trying to juggle work with home-related tasks.


You are used to working around people.


Another big challenge is the isolation factor. Working from home can be incredibly isolating for many people who have never worked outside of an office. Being around people can often make you feel more motivated. The social aspect of work is not always noticed until you find yourself working alone. Those quick coffee breaks and chats with co-workers make a big difference in breaking up a long workday. If you’re a people person and an extrovert, you may find this a very tough challenge.


You have limited facilities at home.


You may have WiFi, but your connection may not be super reliable. You likely don’t have a backup generator in case of loadshedding. Other facilities that you may not have include printers and copiers. If you need to see clients face-to-face, you may have to meet at a coffee shop, which isn’t always ideal for privacy. 


If the standard remote work model isn’t working, what is the solution to working out of the office? Co-working is the answer, solving all of these challenges and giving you many other benefits. You will get all the benefits of working remotely, without the stress that comes from working from home. 


Co.Unity offers a fully equipped co-working space in the town of Hermanus – one of the leading Zoom Towns in the Western Cape. With a host of facilities, from fast WiFi all the way to boardrooms, printers, copiers, and an on-site coffee shop, we offer day passes and other packages.


Book your desk at Co.Unity and enjoy all the benefits of remote working, in a shared workspace that helps you connect, focus and get down to business.

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