With remote working looking like it’s here to stay, some people are finding it much harder to adjust to working at home. Extroverts especially struggle to go from being in an office environment to being at home alone. This can make it very difficult for those who love being around people. It can feel isolating, leading to stress, lack of productivity and other problems. 

One alternative to home offices that is making remote working easier for extroverts is co-working. This is the best way to be around other people while still working remotely.

Biggest Advantages of Remote Working for Extroverts

If you are a people person, you probably find it hard to adjust to working by yourself. During the hard lockdown, staying at home and working alone was very stressful for many who were used to being in an office. Some people are used to working on their own – particularly those who have been working from home long before lockdown. Many others struggle. When there are other people or distractions in the home, it is harder to focus on work. The need to be around others is huge. This can make it difficult to get down to work. Being completely alone can be equally difficult. You may find that you end up spending too much time chatting online to feel connected and less alone.

Some of the ways that a co-working space can make it easier for extroverts to work remotely include the following:

Meeting people

In a shared workspace, you get to meet many different people. You will meet even more people than you would in an office. This is because you don’t see the same people day in and day out. Many people use co-working spaces at different times. Some may use day passes and others may be there fairly regularly. It’s a great way to broaden your network and make you feel less isolated.

New opportunities

Every extrovert loves to be part of things. Shared working spaces are a great way to find new opportunities and share ideas. The people you meet all bring their respective skills to the table. If you are growing a new business, you may get to connect to people who can help you make things happen. If you have been thinking about going solo, you may find network opportunities that help you get where you want to be.

A good vibe

Finally, these workspaces are all about the vibe. In a traditional office, things can get dull – even if you are around lots of people. At the same time, being at home working can also get dull, as there are no people at all. In a shared workspace, you have the freedom of working in your own time. You can set your own hours, enjoying coffee breaks, taking lunch with new people and enjoying the buzz of a creative space. 

A great thing about the lockdown and the way it has changed the way we work is that you are no longer limited to where you work. You can work from any destination in the world. Choosing a Zoom Town that is known for its lifestyle can be the ideal way to work in a location that inspires you to enjoy every day. 

Co.Unity is a shared working space situated in the town of Hermanus – one of the leading Zoom Towns in South Africa. We offer a vibrant co-working space that is ideal for extroverts wanting to be around like-minded people. Contact us today for more information on our remote working spaces.

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