Is there life after working from home? Do you have to make a sudden leap from your home workspace to your old office? As things slowly start to get back to some form of normal, many people are asking themselves these questions. While some offices are getting back to a stricter in-house environment only, many others are using a hybrid option. 


If lockdown has taught us anything, it is that remote work offers many benefits to companies, from reduced overheads to increased productivity. Now that businesses have more options to consider for their employees, working from home is no longer the only way to work. Remote work – in particular co-working spaces – offers the ideal bridge between working from the office and from home.


Moving Forward After Working From Home


Although remote work, in general, has many benefits, the home environment is not always an ideal option. Zoom Bombing was a major thing during the lockdown. Distractions can make everything more difficult. Working from home also makes it harder to separate family/social life and work, resulting in increased stress. 


For those wanting to make a transition back to a more sustainable way of working, remote working at fully-equipped co-working spaces offers the ideal bridge between home and office environments. Here are some of the main benefits of shared workspaces. 


A sense of community


Going from spending hours alone at home working to suddenly being in the office can be overwhelming. But many people battled with the sense of isolation during the lockdown. Offices are designed to create a sense of community and a feeling of belonging. If you love the flexibility of remote work but you miss the feeling of being around people, shared workspaces offer the ideal way to get the best of both worlds. 


Better work-life balance


When you work at home, it becomes a lot harder to find balance. Working for a company on a full-time basis can be especially difficult in a home office environment. You are often expected to be on call at all hours. It is very easy to work longer hours. Working from a co-working space allows you to be on duty during work hours only. You will be able to shut down your laptop and leave your workspace when work is done. This means you’ll be able to set boundaries and keep personal and work life separate.


Enhance productivity


Kids, pets and other distractions at home will very quickly affect your productivity. When you are constantly being disrupted, it is hard to get things done. Working on your own when you have spent years working in an office can be overwhelming. Having a place to work that allows you to focus on your tasks at hand while still having the buzz of people around helps you get things done much more easily. 


Access to business services


You may have a fairly reliable WiFi connection at home. But you are unlikely to have all the amenities your office has, which can be limiting. Shared workspaces like Co.Unity are essentially remote business centres, with a wide range of services ranging from WiFi to office facilities, furniture, boardrooms, and generators (always vital when loadshedding hits).

If you’re ready to make the move from working from home to working from a shared workspace, we are here to help. Book your spot at Co.Unity for a fully equipped co-working space that feels like an office while still giving you the freedom you need

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