Just how healthy is your remote working environment? More importantly, can an unhealthy environment have a major effect on your life?


Today, many businesses are moving over to a different way of working. With the idea of working from outside the office becoming more widespread, companies are giving employees the chance to work away from the office. This has had a major impact on many levels. It has also resulted in some unique challenges – especially when some companies do not fully feel comfortable with employees working from home. In a healthy remote work environment, everyone wins. Employees are more productive, companies save resources and everyone is happy. 


That’s not to say that most remote work environments are healthy, however. In too many cases, working away from the office can greatly blur the lines between work and home life. An unhealthy environment can have a negative impact on both companies and employees, causing many problems. 


Avoiding an Unhealthy Remote Working Environment


The best way to make remote working beneficial to everyone is to develop a healthy remote working environment. Here are some of the biggest challenges to avoid.


  • Bad habits when working from home. There is nothing technically wrong with working in PJs. There’s nothing wrong with relaxing more when working from home. But it can be easy to pick up bad habits such as isolating, procrastinating, forgetting to do your hair before a Zoom meeting or others. There is far less accountability when working at home.


  • Battling to be productive. Following on from procrastinating, productivity is another hazard when working away from the office. There are far more distractions. Many people do not have dedicated offices, which makes it even harder to keep kids and pets away when you’re trying to work. 


  • Working longer hours. You may end up working a lot later than usual. When you are in an office, you have set work hours that are much easier to follow. When you are at home, setting hours can be tough. 


  • Being constantly on call 24-7. Many bosses assume that you are always available when you are working from home. You may end up getting emails after-hours or you may be expected to have meetings at any time of the day. 


What is the solution then? In a nutshell – co-working is the answer. 


Shared workspaces bridge the gap between working from home in PJs, dealing with Zoom fatigue and endless stress and being in a conventional office. You will be able to work in an environment similar to an office, without the restrictions. Your boss will know that you are in ‘work mode’ when you are in a shared workspace. You will be able to keep home and work separate. You’ll have all the services you need, from WiFi to coffee. You’ll get the benefit of working in a productive environment that is made for getting things done. 


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