As we are seeing, co-working spaces are rapidly changing the way that people work. Remote working in itself has been a major factor in how we work. Lockdown has increased the move towards remote work. However, the shift has been slowly growing even before COVID-19 came into the picture. We know that many businesses are embracing the remote work model. Many are embracing co-working spaces as an ideal solution for employees who are working outside of the office. Others are still adjusting to the idea and have concerns about employees working from home. 


Co-Working Spaces vs Traditional Offices


Co-working spaces have a direct impact on traditional office environments, most of them positive. Here are some of the ways that shared office spaces are helping to bridge the gap between traditional offices and remote work environments.




Working from a shared office space creates a much higher sense of professionalism than working from home. For industries that require regular Zoom meetings, this is especially important. Employers and clients want to know that it’s business as usual, even when employees are not in a regular office. Shared workspaces such as Co.Unity offer the chance to book meeting rooms. Private offices are also on offer along with shared spaces.




No company wants to have to worry about unstable WiFi and downtime during loadshedding. Although these are sometimes completely out of employee’s control, a shared space can increase reliability by giving access to reliable internet and backup generators. Knowing that employees are working in a structured work environment also adds peace of mind for companies who are used to traditional work models. At home, employers may worry about employers being distracted or not in the mood to work. Even though shared spaces are social, the primary goal is still to get work done




On that note, productivity levels are much higher in shared work environments compared to home office environments. In some cases, remote work can encourage employees to be more productive in general. This is because working outside of traditional offices makes people less stressed. In a shared working space, employees can find the balance between socialising, networking and work. They can get down to business without any distractions, too. There won’t be any risk of Zoom Bombing and companies will know that employees are busy at work, getting things done.


Interested in learning more? Co.Unity is a shared working space in Hermanus – one of the leading Zoom Towns in the Western Cape. We offer a range of flexible packages, from day passes to unlimited packages. Our space is fully equipped with everything needed to get things done. Contact us to find out about our co-working spaces now.

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