Shared workspaces such as Co.Unity are becoming a saving grace during loadshedding. For remote workers, freelancers, and small businesses, the impact of constant power outages is massive. Many are struggling to deal with the ever-changing loadshedding schedules. When loadshedding jumps to stage 6, outages can reach as long as 4 hours. The majority of small businesses and remote workers are relying on limited backup tools. In many cases, basic UPS and inverters are only able to power one or two devices. This has a knock-on effect, resulting in a great deal of stress, lost work time, and plenty of other challenges.


Thanks to shared workspaces, those looking for risk-free, reliable places to work have the option to withstand the stress of loadshedding. In this article, we’ll talk more about these workspaces are making it easier to survive constant power disruptions.


Loadshedding and the Value of Shared Workspaces


Some of the ways that shared workspaces are helping to navigate the stress of loadshedding include the following:


Reliable power and WiFi


For those working at home, having reliable power and WiFi is vital. As we mentioned earlier, many basic backup tools have a limited capacity. While you may have a basic UPS that keeps your WiFi up, you may not have enough power to keep other devices going. WiFi may not be as fast as usual. Loadshedding is also increasing the risk of damage to substations, with some faults resulting in outages lasting for over 12 hours. Having somewhere to work that you know will always have power and fast WiFi is essential. As shared spaces are designed for work, they make a much better alternative to coffee shops – where many end up in the event of outages.


Increased productivity


Currently, we can expect at least 2 or 3 periods per day with no power. This relates to up to 6 or more hours of downtime. When loadshedding reaches stage 6, there can be as many as 4 scheduled outages per day, with at least 1 of those lasting as long as 4 hours. This causes havoc to your productivity. As co-working spaces have 24-7 power and WiFi, they offer a way to keep working. Whether you need somewhere to work for a few hours, have an urgent meeting that you can’t miss or simply need to get away from home to catch up on important emails, you will be able to get things done without the worry of work disruption.


Reduced financial risk


The thing that makes co-working even more important during loadshedding is the reduced financial risk. People have more stress to worry about than ever at the moment, from rising fuel costs to the concern of loadshedding getting worse. For those trying to stay afloat, expenses from renting out traditional office space, investing in massive, complex backup systems and wasting money from lost work hours, co-working can be a lifesaver. Co.Unity is making a positive difference in people’s lives by giving them one less hassle to worry about, through our always-on WiFi and power. Even better, we offer risk-free packages that require no long-term commitment, contracts or other obligations that add to your stress. 


To find out more about our shared workspaces in Hermanus, contact the Co.Unity team and get the peace of mind you need to survive loadshedding.

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