Whether you are starting a business or simply aiming to save costs, co-working spaces offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional offices. Co-working spaces can provide you with all the office services you need, without the financial burden that typically comes with an office. Unlike fixed spaces, there is no high monthly rent to pay. You don’t have to worry about additional operating expenses, either. Thanks to flexible rental options, complete turn-key solutions, and a variety of packages, you can get the full benefit of an office without the high costs associated with running an office.


How Co-Working Spaces Remove the Financial Burden


There are a few ways that co-working spaces remove the financial burden:


Flexible rental options


In a traditional office rental, you are signed on for a fixed long-term contract. Depending on your location, rental costs for offices can be exorbitant. Costs can also increase significantly over time. Adding even more of a challenge, there is the risk of losing your office space in the event that the building is sold or the landlord decides to make changes. This can be devastating – especially for new businesses. Shared workspaces are ideal as there are no long-term contracts. Instead, you can find packages that work for your needs and pay only for what you need on any given month. If you decide to work from home for a while, you won’t have to worry about paying rent for an office you aren’t using.


No additional operating expenses


There are also no high operating expenses typically found in a traditional office. Utilities, rates and various other expenses quickly accumulate. You may end up paying high prices for visitor and staff parking. You may need to pay extra for services such as cleaning. These costs can make a big impact over time.


Full turn-key functions


In a shared workspace, you will have the benefit of a full range of turn-key functions. These include reliable business fibre, backup power (essential during loadshedding), furniture, and everything else are included. You will pay for the space you rent, without paying extra for additional functions needed to get to work.


Packages to suit your needs


At Co.Unity, we offer a wide range of packages designed to meet your budget and needs. These include private offices, open space work areas and boardrooms. We offer Half Day Passes, Day Passes, Daily Private Office, 5 Day Flexi Pass and 30 Day Unlimited Access. This allows you to book your spot depending on what you need at that particular time. We even offer On the Go packages if you just need an hour to check your email or get something done quickly.

Located in the town of Hermanus, Co.Unity is a fully equipped space designed to boost productivity, save you costs and provide an inspiring space to work. Contact us now to find out more about our co-working spaces.

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