Shared workspaces come in many different forms, and different personalities appeal to different workspace environments. Some people prefer private offices, whilst others like the vibe of the open office space. However, one feature that has really stood out is the flexible pricing structures that these spaces offer. 


Generally, there is less risk for the customer, as no long-term rentals need to be signed and in most cases, everything is already in place. This includes office furniture, IT support, Wi-Fi and backup power if required, and all of this is included in the price. Well, at least this is how the Co-Unity team prices our offering.


Customer Experience and Shared Workspaces


With all the above being said, I was reminded the other day that any subscription type of business relies completely on the customer experience. At any time, customers can simply not return or terminate their subscription at short notice. Customers vote with their wallets, and this is one of the biggest advantages to a company that is continually looking at improving the customers’ services and experiences, as we do here at Co-Unity. 


We don’t have time to provide poor service, and we also don’t have time to ponder whether we should introduce a new concept. If we waste time and don’t take chances, we lose customers. We don’t have lengthy lease agreements in place to allow us to become complacent, so when our customers ask us for a soundproof room to do online content and videos, we listen and take action. And, to add value in that respect, we have introduced our first VLOG room within a week. This is just one such example of us putting our customers at the centre of everything we do.         


Balancing the customer experience with a price that is reasonable and affordable is also key to the success of a shared workspace. Before increasing prices, customers need to be asked and consulted, as customers can simply find the offering too expensive and not return. This is great for the customer wanting a professional office without the risk. Consider the customer’s other option – they could enter a 3-year lease and have to spend money setting up the office. In most cases, they will probably be lumped with annual escalations on both electricity and the property lease, with no negotiating. 


When last did a landowner ask the customer (tenant) whether a price increase would be suitable or at least negotiate any increase? Shared spaces are businesses, and like any other business, we need to keep customers. This means that customers need to be happy with what they are paying. The customer genuinely gets a valuable service and not just an empty space to work. If the service is good enough, customers are happy to pay.


Last, but not least, each co-working space has some core values that they stick to, which resonate with customers. Contributing to the growth of businesses in Zoom Towns is one of our core values. In order to do this, we need to offer a platform where business people can come and get work done, with reliable WiFi, backup power and all furniture and cleaning services included. We want our customers to have zero risk and a hassle-free experience when they need an office. We have even made it more convenient for our customers to get coffee and snacks by having an onsite café. Each of our Co-Unity team members is handpicked. Right from the time you walk through our doors, we set you up with WiFi at an extremely clean desk, and we can even arrange for your coffee or snacks to be bought to your desk. Customer service is key because we know that if we don’t continue to exceed expectations, our customers don’t need to come back.


Shared office spaces are a service and not offices in the traditional sense. This can only be good for customers as companies such as Co-Unity will continually have to re-invent our offerings with our customer’s requirements at the heart of everything we do.


If you’d like to see what sets us apart from other shared workspaces, get in touch with Co-Unity today or visit us at our spaces in Hermanus.

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