Co-working spaces offer a huge number of benefits for just about everyone. But what about introverts? For those who like to have their own space, remote work has been a big opportunity to get away from other people and work alone. Most introverts do not like being in busy places and will spend their days at home working on their own if they get a chance. While this is not always a bad thing, it can be harmful. 

Work is one of the ways that encourage people to be around other people. If you are not keen on social events and tend to turn down offers of seeing people, you may find that you spend a lot of your non-working hours in your own company. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. When you start working remotely, the danger is that you then start to spend not only your non-working hours but also your working hours alone. This can have an impact on well-being, for several reasons. Even if the idea of crowds makes you cringe, people still need people. Being alone 24-7 can increase the chance of depression and make it easier to hide from the world. Co-working spaces can be surprisingly effective at breaking this cycle. 

How Co-Working Spaces Help Introverts

We know that shared workspaces are great for extroverts who struggle with remote working. There are a few ways that co-working spaces can benefit introverts, too. Here are just a few of the benefits that these spaces can offer. 

Being around people without feeling overwhelmed. 

If you’re concerned about being in a busy, noisy space filled with people, don’t worry. Shared workspaces are typically fairly quiet as most people are busy getting on with their business. Unlike working in a coffee shop, there is no loud shouting or noise. You will find groups of people socialising and networking, but you will never feel the pressure of having to talk to people unless you feel like being social. On the upside, you may find it easier to be social in a calm, productive workspace. You may meet people with shared interests and have the chance to network without pressure. 

A more relaxed work environment than traditional offices.

Traditional offices can be a chaotic, busy, noisy place for many – not just introverts. The constant meetings, people always needing things from you (usually when you are in the middle of an important task), scheduled lunch breaks, and colleagues you can’t avoid due to a usually cramped office that has back-to-back desks and tiny communal areas. A rigid environment can often increase anxiety and decrease productivity. A shared workspace is far more relaxed. You will get to work in your own hours, with people sharing the space but not in a way that feels cramped. You won’t feel constantly watched either, meaning that you can take breaks as it suits you instead of on the clock. At Co.Unity, we have an on-site café that is ideal for breaks. 

Flexible work options to suit your mood and schedule.

On the topic of schedules, a remote workspace is also an ideal option for those who feel anxious having to work a regular 9-5, day in and day out. Most companies today are looking at more flexible hours for employees. If you work for yourself, you can plan your workday around your productive hours and even your mood. Even though these spaces are mostly shared, private office spaces are available on days that you just want to work alone.

In short, these spaces offer the ideal option between busy offices and working from home alone. They encourage you to get out more in a way that is not overwhelming or exhausting. Book your space at Co.Unity now and enjoy a huge range of services, from fast, reliable WiFi to backup power, good coffee, and a host of products to suit your needs. Our co-working space is based in Hermanus – an up and coming Zoom Town that is ideal for introverts, extroverts and anyone else wanting a better work-life balance.

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