If you have been wondering what to expect at a co-working space, you may have a few questions about how it works. As companies continue to adapt their approach to a remote or hybrid model, more people are looking at alternatives to working from home. You may have read a bit about co-working or you may be researching ways to work during loadshedding. In this guide, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about working in a co-working space.


First Time at a Co-Working Space? Here’s What to Know…


There are a few things you may want to know about working in a co-working space, including the following: 


How do they work?


Also known as shared workspaces, these spaces have a variety of options, including shared and private desks, boardrooms for hire and even Zoom Rooms for video calls. As the name suggests, you work in large, open, spaces shared by individuals and teams from many different industries. This is a great way to network in a more relaxed environment compared to an office. It is also a good alternative to working from home, as you are around people and able to network.


What should I bring?


All you’ll need to bring is your laptop and anything else you’d usually bring to work. Most shared workspaces have WiFi and everything else you need to get to work. Co.Unity also has an on-site coffee shop, so you can enjoy hot, fresh coffee when you need a break.


What about facilities?


A shared workspace will be fully equipped with everything a traditional office has – generator, fast WiFi, facilities such as printers and copiers, boardrooms, front desk services and call answering, airport transfers and taxi services and safe parking. If you plan to work at the space often as a member, you can even make use of virtual office services.


What packages are offered?


Co.Unity offers a wide range of packages to suit every budget and need. If you’re keen to try working in this type of environment but don’t want to commit to a full day, try an On the Go or Half Day Pass. You can also try a Full Day Pass, 5 Day Flexi Pass or a 30 Day Unlimited Access option if you want to work from a shared workspace on a longer-term basis. We also have a Zoom Room and boardroom for meetings. This variety of packages allows you to choose the best option for your needs and budget.


How do I get started?


Getting started in co-working spaces is extremely easy. The majority of spaces can be booked on a pay-as-you-go basis. You’ll be able to book your package and then simply head on over to Co.Unity to start working. 


Got any more questions? Read our FAQs to learn more about Co.Unity. You can also contact us to find out more about our co-working spaces in Hermanus. 

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