Whether you are a digital nomad, remote worker, entrepreneur or self-starter, come and work in Hermanus. You will love it!

Most of our blogs have been focused around creating a vibrant hub, where you can share ideas and meet likeminded people. This could be done by joining our Connect Co.Unity digital community or after the lockdown, this would be in our physical hub, the Co.Unity Space. In this blog, I have decided to share with you why I love living, working and socialising in Hermanus.

Why I Decided to Work and Live in Hermanus

I lived in Johannesburg for most of my working career. I have great friends and family in Johannesburg. I learnt a lot about IT services and business during my time in Johannesburg and I was fortunate enough to start a software distribution and services business. I am happy to say that the business still operates. It is by no means a large business employing hundreds of people, but I believe it is good business focusing on excellent service and supporting customers.

About two years ago, I made a decision that I wanted to do more outdoor activities and needed a change of scenery. I have always enjoyed being by the sea – something that was critical in my decision. I also wanted to be in a place where there wasn’t hectic traffic congestion and crowding. Initially, I chose a small village in the Western Cape, but it was just a bit too small. A year ago, I made the decision to move to Hermanus. I immediately fell in love with the town, and here are some of my reasons why…

  • Working gives me a purpose and the privilege to interact with other people. In Hermanus I can get to where I work and socialise without sitting in hours of traffic. I can walk to my gym in the morning and then walk to the office (the Co.Unity Space once COVID-19 lockdown is lifted). Everything is in easy reach and the area is relatively flat, so it is easy walking. My wife and I are considering downscaling to a single car and a scooter to get around, instead of two cars, because amenities are pretty close. In the near future, the Co-Working Hub will be operational in the centre of town, bringing all the modern amenities within walking distance of where I live. It is also just healthier to have the freedom to walk or ride to work.
  • Hermanus has a lower crime rate. It is relatively safe compared to other parts of South Africa. We live in a free-standing house, with a decent garden and we have always felt very safe. During summer, we often walk about 2-3km to town for dinner or to meet friends out, and then walk home later in the evening. Some late afternoons we walk along the Cliff Path, and we haven’t been pestered or felt threatened in any way.
  • Wine, whales and sea. Hermanus has an awesome wine route within 10 minutes of the town. There is the Hemel en Aarde valley, as well as wine farms going out to Stanford, and most offer lunches and dinners with incredible views. From June, the whales come into the bay. I have personally seen plenty of whales, and in some cases, they are a couple of meters off the shore, right in front of the town. I believe that Hermanus is one of the best places in the world to view whales from the shore. The beaches are fantastic and easy to get to. Outside of the December holiday periods, there is lots of parking and the beaches are not crowded. In summer, the water temperature is pretty moderate.
  • Great restaurants, wine bars, coffee shops and breweries. Going out and meeting friends and socialising is easy, and there are a lot of choices. I originally thought the town would cater only to foreign tourists and would be expensive. In reality, this has not been the case. There are lots of places where you pay the same or less for meals and coffee than you would in a large city. Hermanus is not just a sleepy town. If you are looking for some nightlife, there is much to do once the sun goes down.
  • The community is friendly, accommodating and warm. There are events and festivals built around bringing the community together. We go to the Saturday morning market every week and have a nice bunch of friends that we see there most weekends. We have become regulars at the local coffee shop, and we have met some good people. There are other activities like mountain bike clubs and a flyfishing club, which I am hoping to join soon.
  • The streets and parks are clean. Just a few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised when I walked out my gate, to find a team of ladies sweeping the sidewalks, clearing them of leaves. I have also noticed that the town folk are good at picking up and throwing away litter. Bins are found in most public areas, and they are cleaned fairly regularly. It is not always perfect, but there is definitely pride in the cleanliness of the town.
  • Hermanus is a town full of techpreneurs, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Because there are no large corporates, many people in town have already embraced the new age of working. I have dealt with small companies that run online digital marketing agencies supporting large national companies, software developers developing apps for banks, online travel agencies, graphic designers, and many other self-starters. Most work for themselves or have very small teams of one or two people working with them. Their services are sold online and support is given via remote services. The CBD has a fibre infrastructure, and with the opening up of hubs such as  Co.Unity, I believe that the technology segment and IT support industry in Hermanus will grow from strength to strength


Hermanus is too small to be a city and too big to be a village and it offers a great lifestyle. With the current COVID lockdown showing people that they don’t necessarily have to live somewhere because of work, Hermanus may become a permanent residential destination, instead of simply a holiday destination.

If you have always wanted to work in Hermanus and enjoy a world-class town with much to offer, join us at Co.Unity.

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