As remote work continues to change the way that people work, shared workspaces are playing a more important role than ever. Today, people have the option to work remotely from just about everywhere in the world. Freelancers, solopreneurs, self-employed people and those in full-time remote positions have more flexibility to choose where they want to work. From those travelling for work to digital nomads, people relocating from other countries for work, and those on working holidays, shared workspaces offer plenty of benefits.

Co-working spaces help to navigate the challenges of remote work while adding to the experience of working abroad. Spaces that offer a range of amenities, a growing community, flexible workspace plans, and other advantages are ideally suited to international workers.

Why Use Shared Workspaces for Remote Work?

Wondering how shared workspaces make it easier to work remotely? Here are just a few of the biggest benefits for international workers.

Being part of a welcoming community

When you’re in a new country, it can be isolating – especially if you don’t know many people. One of the biggest benefits of shared spaces is being part of a community. Many people who use co-working spaces work there regularly. You’ll get to know people and soon, you’ll feel part of the community. Meeting like-minded people in your industry is great, but meeting people from all walks of life is also a good way to make new connections.

Professional working environment

Unlike coffee shops or hotel rooms, these spaces offer a professional setting that can increase productivity. If you have to report back to bosses or have virtual meetings with clients, a professional environment is essential. Getting into the routine of going to work, even if it’s just for an hour or two or a quick meeting in a Zoom Room, all helps to create a professional environment.

Flexibility and convenience

Shared spaces are flexible, making them extremely helpful for international workers who may be working in different time zones or outside the traditional 9-5 work hours. If you need to come in on a Saturday, you can catch up on work. Setting your own hours is convenient, allowing you to work at your own pace.

Networking opportunities

Besides making friends and finding a community, you’ll also have chances to network on a professional basis. This could open up opportunities for new ventures, new connections, collaborations, jobs, or various other opportunities that you would not find when working at a coffee shop.

Work-life balance

Last but not least, co-working can help you achieve a better work-life balance. When staying in a new country, you don’t want to focus only on work. You want to be able to get out and explore, enjoy activities, find things to do and experience everything that your current home- away from-home offers. Flexible spaces make it easier to balance work and play. At spaces like Co.Unity, on-site coffee shops give you the chance to socialise and take breaks. Our location in Hermanus gives you easy access to beaches, mountains, whale-watching, adventures, and plenty to do when you’re off-duty.

At Co.Unity, we offer a range of co-working solutions for remote workers from all over the world. Get in touch now to find out more about our welcoming shared workspaces.

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