As many people start to plan for year-end holidays, co-working spaces are offering a great way to separate downtime and work time. While it’s essential to step away from work for even a short break, it doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire holiday away from your desk. You don’t even have to be spending hours at work, either. You may want to catch up on projects you never get around to doing. You may have a side-hustle that you’ve been wanting to work on but never seem to find time to start. You may want to catch up on personal admin. Whatever the case, co-working spaces offer a great way to get things done, while still keeping holiday and work time separate. 


Separating Holiday and Work Time with Co-Working Spaces


Here are just a few of the ways that co-working spaces help you separate work and time off. 


Avoid the office


If you’re aiming to get a few things done when you’re on leave, the last thing you want to do is head to the office. It will be even harder if you’re taking time off in December when the rest of the office is still working. As soon as you are in the office, you will no longer be on leave. It doesn’t matter how long you plan to spend. And home offices are just the same. You will always be in work mode if you are in the office, remote or otherwise.


Work-life balance


And that brings us to the next challenge – finding that all-important balance between work and life. Holidays are meant to be about taking time off to spend with friends and family. Ideally, you should be aiming to get out of town for a while. You could look at heading to a popular destination such as Hermanus, for example. Here, you can enjoy some of the best beaches in the country, along with plenty to see and do. You’ll still be able to catch up on work and admin if you head on down to the Co.Unity shared workspace. 


Connect and network


Getting a few hours of work done in an inspiring environment is easy in a shared workspace. Unlike a coffee shop, you won’t have to worry about interruptions or noise. But you’ll still be able to meet like-minded people and even do a bit of networking. 

Get productive during your holiday and book your spot at Co.Unity. You’ll get all the benefits of a fully equipped workspace, with a coffee shop, fast WiFi, generator and an ideal location in the heart of Hermanus. We offer a range of packages, including Day Passes, Half Day Passes and On the Go packages if you’re just popping in for an hour. Book your co-working space now to get started.

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