Collaborative workspaces offer a blend of flexibility, community and networking, which is one of the many reasons they have become a popular alternative to offices or working from home. Whether you’re a small business owner, freelancer, remote worker or simply looking for a place to work around like-minded people, knowing how to get the best from shared offices is essential.

As the name suggests, collaborative workspaces are all about connecting. Shared spaces help you stay productive, get access to on-site facilities, grow your network and work in a dynamic environment.

A Guide to Collaborative Workspace Environments

Here are strategies to help you get the most from collaborative workspaces.

Look out for workshops & events

Many co-working spaces offer workshops and events, which are open to members. These events are a great way to meet like-minded professionals. They’re also a good alternative to more formal functions. If you find it hard to strike up conversations with strangers during your breaks, events can help to break the ice. You’ll get a chance to meet regulars, make friends and look out for potential collaborations.

Make use of communal areas

Many collaborative workspaces have on-site communal areas. The Co.Unity On-The-Go Café is a great place to take a break during your day. Offering good coffee, smoothies, and cafe meals, it is the perfect way to meet people in a more relaxed setting.

Put yourself out there

This may not always be easy for some people. Putting yourself out there can be scary – especially if you are shy or new to co-working. One great thing about shared spaces is that you’ll often start to see the same people. Greeting people, making small talk, asking what projects they’re working on and having coffee may just help you find opportunities you didn’t know existed. Remember to be open to collaboration. Be open about your projects, ask for advice, and see if anyone has similar skills or anything that could add value. Likewise, ask whether there is anything you can contribute when you discuss other people’s projects.

Bring your team together

If you have a small business with a team that works remotely, having meetings in a co-working space is a great way to boost productivity. They’re a fun change from Zoom meetings. Book a boardroom for your meeting and finish up with coffee after your meeting.

Share & receive knowledge

One of the greatest benefits of working in a shared workspace is having access to a huge wealth of pooled knowledge. In a co-working space, there are professionals across many different industries. This means having the perfect chance to ask for advice or feedback on your projects. In return, you can share your own experiences and expertise. Building a culture of knowledge-sharing can accelerate your growth and success.

Remember basic etiquette

Last but not least, don’t ever forget to keep things professional. Basic etiquette should always be followed. Make sure you are fully aware of any rules and regulations that members need to follow. Over and beyond these rules, remember that you are working in a space shared by many others.

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