Collaborative workspaces offer an excellent option for teams looking for a way to boost productivity. The days of working long hours in cubicles under harsh lighting are coming to an end. The move toward a new and improved way of working began before COVID. Lockdown, remote work, and a return to normal have all changed the way that companies approach work environments. While co-working has become extremely popular with digital nomads and individuals, it is also becoming popular with smaller companies. 


In this guide, we take a look at collaborative workspaces to see how they help you get more done in an environment that promotes creativity, networking, and productivity. 


What Are Collaborative Workspaces?


Here’s what you need to know about working in this type of space…


What are collaborative workspaces? 


In short, these are workspaces that are shared by individuals and teams from different companies and businesses. Although they are co-working spaces, there are a few small differences – mostly how the spaces are used. Instead of a single person working in a shared workspace, these spaces are used by teams working at the same company. They are essentially an alternative to traditional offices. Teams may work in shared workspaces a few times a week or once or twice a month to change their working environment. 


What are the benefits to companies and teams?


In a regular office, the only people employees can speak to and connect with include fellow employees. In a shared space, teams have the chance to network with freelancers, business owners, other teams, and various other people. Many co-working spaces are frequented by similar industries, especially in fields such as digital marketing, technology, and similar creative sectors. Rather than spending breaks in a small kitchen or at their desk, employees have a chance to chat and connect in communal areas. This opens up opportunities to work together, finding new contacts and connections. 


For companies, there are many other benefits. Shared workspaces increase productivity as well as boost happiness, creating a better work-life balance for employees. This is good news for businesses. Using shared spaces can also be a cost-effective solution that saves on resources. For small start-ups that have few team members and a need for office space, these workspaces are even more beneficial. Boardrooms can be hired and spaces such as Co.Unity are fully equipped with everything from generators to fast WiFi, office facilities, and an on-site coffee shop. 

If you are looking for a way to give your employees a better way to work, this type of environment is the way to go. Contact Co.Unity today to find out more about our collaborative workspaces in Hermanus.

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